Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where To Buy Gluten Free Beer In Australia

There are a couple of Australian companies who manufacture Gluten Free beer.
To purchase a carton be prepared to part with close to $100. Maybe it's best to purchase by the six pack :-).
The two main brewers are:

Schnitzer Brau

Available from Dan Murphys
I have not tasted this beer - so can't vouch or it sorry.
  • Purchase O'Briens on their web site at:
  • Order over the phone on: 1300 GFBEER.
  • O'Briens has a 'Find your nearest outlet' tool on their site.
  • Although it's not officially listed, Dan Murphy's tend to stock both O'Briens and certainly order them in when requested.
Home Brew



Schnitzer Brau is actually beer. It tastes excellent, no compromise - as in a non coeliac would drink it.


Thanks Anonymous.
I couldn't agree more. I have tried it since the original post. It's great (although a little flatter than normal beer). It almost has a ginger beer taste to it which I like very much.

Lee :-)